Farewell to the Aughties

I just finished compiling my “Feeling Fine in 2009″ playlist. Since 2004, I have compiled an annual list of the best tracks of the year. Personal favourites, critical darlings, and popular hits all get knocked together and uploaded to our iPods. I’m already thinking about my next playlist – the”Naughty Aughties” best of the decade.

4th gen iPod by Mr. Bsod

The annual holiday music project aside, there’s nothing like the introspection and nostalgia that comes with looking back over a year, and a decade. I find myself checking in against my dreams. Have I been true to myself and what I value? What have I accomplished? How have I made a difference? Have I been a good person, wife, sister, daughter, friend? Heavy stuff to be sure.

Ten years ago, I was a newly-wed living in a basement apartment in the “North Beaches” in Toronto. I was working as an Account Executive at Fleishman-Hillard. Taking a look back is a blur. John returned to school full-time to take a post-graduate certificate in public relations, my God kids were born, we moved to an apartment in North Toronto, got my first iPod, I injured my back, stopped using film in my camera, got on board with this whole Internet thing, got promoted 6 times, mourned the loss and celebrated the life of my Grandma Hobbs, sold my first car to a scrapper for $25, changed the way I consumed music, took a 6-week trip around Europe with Mr. Flackadelic, quit my job at FH, worked for Yahoo!, took a job at Tucows, bought a new car, stood up for my sister at her wedding, bought a house, got a dog, went to work at SMG. There were a lot of constants throughout the decade. Quality time with family and old and new friends. Down time at the cottage and in Nova Scotia. And of course, living and having adventures with my wonderful, supportive and incredible husband.

I can’t wait to see what 2010 and the next decade have in store.

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